Does Culture Affect Marijuana Use?

I honestly believe that culture can have a big effect on the use of marijuana. For instance, with the many movies and TV shows portraying characters who are using marijuana, people are getting curious about it and os they try it out for themselves. For people who don’t know, there’s even a genre of movies, which is made specially for people who are using this herb.

With the increase popularity of marijuana, users are also increasing by number. Unfortunately, majority of its users are kids who are unaware of the dangers of using it the wrong way. Marijuana may have health benefits, but it also has its dangers that people should be aware about. talks about how culture affects marijuana users and the dangers of it:

We see tons of movies showcasing smoking weed from bongs being held by some of the most famous comedy actors of our time. In this way it’s deemed as cool, hip, acceptable, etc. Teenagers watch these movies and think that it might not be such a big deal and associate this with the thrill of comedy. 

Essentially being an audience, and young for that matter, it’s not hard to get caught up in the thrill of its concept. This is only compounded by the fact that major rap and hip hop artists incorporate the street names for marijuana consistently in their music. It’s then rendered even more acceptable and even more common. Continue reading here…

In my opinion, culture has a huge impact when it comes to the growing number of cannabis. I just wish that people will know how to responsibly use it.