Marijuana, A Big Business In California

ADELANTO, Calif. – After decades of thriving in courtyards and basements under unclear legality, California’s most famous crop, marijuana, comes out of hiding to enter a decidedly capitalist era.

According to new state law, marijuana businesses can make a profit – which was banned since 1996, when California became the first state to legalize the use of medical cannabis -; The law also eliminates limits on the number of plants that growers can grow.

The opening of the marijuana industry in this state to the corporate dollars has caused a great uproar, in which foreign investors, retail producers, and municipalities with financial problems compete to get a piece of what is, in fact, a new California industry: the legal and large-scale cultivation of marijuana.And as voters are likely to approve marijuana use for recreational purposes in November, California, which has already become the most significant legal marijuana market in the world, shines with the promise of profits far exceeding those obtained. By the stores and the producers of marijuana in Washington or Colorado, the first states to approve their recreational consumption.”There’s no doubt that people sparkle at the thought of the California market,” says Troy Dayton, executive director of ArcView Group, a research firm in the San Francisco Bay region that specializes in marijuana “It’s huge, and Californians have a great fascination with cannabis.”

In search of tax benefits, the cities along the southern California desert, such as Adelanto and Desert Hot Springs, have rushed to be the first to allow commercial marijuana cultivation. The price of the land tripled almost overnight, as the entrepreneurs bought every inch of the property where marijuana cultivation is allowed, which is located almost entirely in the desert, with nothing more than a few trees of Joshua and thistles.And celebrities who for years have been in favor of marijuana use also want a piece of the cake: musicians like Snoop Dogg and one of Bob Marley’s children, Ky-Mani Marley, have met with officials seeking permits for marijuana that is grown here.Despite the frenzy, in some corners of the state, there is growing anxiety about the possibility that corporate money will eliminate not only small producers but also the hippy values that have been a fundamental part of the place that marijuana occupies in the Californian culture.Tommy Chong, a member of the famous comedy duet Cheech and Chong, has always been synonymous with the clandestine culture of marijuana use in California, as he grows his plants and manufactures water pipes from bottles of kombucha in his home in Los Angeles. Now its representatives are in negotiations with an Adelanto company to mass-produce its legal marijuana brand,

“Chong’s Choice,” here.But Patrick Murphy, a cannabis grower in Humboldt County, a lush area on the northwest coast famed for growing high-quality marijuana, said he had already seen a “business takeover”

Of the marijuana industry in many other states.”In California, especially in Humboldt, we have a code of ethics: respect for the land and respect for the people,” he explains, “I do not want that culture

To be replaced by guys in suits of $ 5,000.”Twenty-three states allow some types of legal marijuana, and up to 20 will consider taking measures at the polls to make their restriction more lenient this year.