Medical Uses Of Marijuana

We all have heard about the medicinal purposes of marijuana, but majority of us don’t really understand as to how broad the benefits of marijuana when it comes to medicine. Many decades ago, marijuana is said to be mixed with wine, which can help people who are going to undergo surgery. It serves as their anesthesia, which means that there are no chemicals going down on their bloodstreams.

If you are like me who is wondering about what these medical uses are of marijuana, then this article by Jeffrey Roberts will enlighten us:

Dutch sinologist Frank Dikötter also wrote about the ancient use of cannabis as medicine in his book, Narcotic Culture: A History of Drugs In China, where he highlighted how the root of the cannabis plant was used to remove blood clots, while the juice from the leaves could be ingested to combat tapeworm, and the seeds, once reduced to powder and mixed with rice wine, were used to fight several ailments including constipation and hair loss.

Even the Egyptians recognized the medicinal applications of cannabis, particularly for the treatment of hemorrhoids. In ancient India, cannabis was used for a variety of ailments, including insomnia, headaches, GI disorders, and pain. Indeed, this ubiquitous plant has shared a sacred place in medicine for centuries. Continue reading here..

With all these medical uses of marijuana, isn’t it time to change our usual medications? Of course, that is, if your doctor will allow it. So always see to it to consult your doctor before switching to any kinds of medications.